Bee Well Blooms is a 1/2 acre, chemical-free, cut flower farm situated in the Lehigh Valley in eastern Pennsylvania. A small farm, Bee Well focuses on growing unique, seasonal blooms and aims to naturally beautify people’s lives with fresh cut flowers while eliminating dependence on unsustainable, imported flowers.

Bee Well is owned and operated by Sarah Anderson. A Lancaster County native, Sarah has a passion for sustainable floriculture and bringing people joy through flowers. Read the story behind the flowers 

My Story

Growing up in Lancaster County, my family has a rich history in agriculture-my mother comes from a line of dairy farmers and my father works in the horticulture industry. As a child I considered myself a nature girl as I was deeply curious about plants and animals.  It was in college that I turned my curiosity into real interest and began studying horticulture.  I initially had big dreams of joining the push towards organic farming, growing fruits and veggies, but not long into my studies I realized what I was really interested in - flowers!

I spent the next few years of school learning everything I could about flowers and the floriculture industry and was blessed to intern at Penn State's flower variety trials where I learned an immeasurable amount about bedding plants. My "dream job", I decided, was one that would: work with flowers, be able to work outside, and followed sustainable growing practices.

Once I learned about the growing push towards American grown, seasonal cut flowers it was as if alarm bells went off in my brain and from then on I started researching, practicing, and saving to start my own flower farm.


2018 marks the first year of full-time flower production and it has been a wild and crazy ride so far, but one that has  filled my heart with joy and appreciation.  I believe in the power of flowers and feel lucky to share them with others! To quote the American botanist Luther Burbank, "Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul."